Lil Wayne – The Hills (Remix)

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Download or Listen to Lil Wayne’s “The Hills” remix!

5 times platinum. Months at number one. Remixed by Eminem and Nicki Minaj. Can we get much higher? I’m not sure, but Wayne definitely has his own plans for it. He plans to take this to uncharted territory — a place where there’s no ceilings. No Ceilings 2 to be exact.

Listen to Weezy have his way with Mano and Weeknd’s “The Hills” below as well as check out the whole turkey day Wayne tape.

DOWNLOAD Lil Wayne – The Hills (Remix)

  1. waynne

    love it keep it real raaaa

  2. samuel uzor a

    forever weezy

  3. fulufhelo valie sigari

    i love this

  4. nator

    Wayne , I am falling for this sh-t

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